A reasonable alternative to over-hauling or replacing windows is to install secondary glazing, which fits onto the window frames on the inside of the house - according to the Energy Saving Trust, this could still save up to £105/year on fuel bills.
Secondary glazing can be quite substantial, and cost up to £200.00 per m2, although one of our favourite solutions comprises acrylic panels and magnetic strips for £40.00 per m2 which is easy to fit yourself.
Secondary glazing ensures that the window’s thermal qualities are increased, but ventilation to the original window is retained, thus minimising condensation risks.
It does however render the window more difficult to open, can result in window ledges being covered (with the more substantial systems), and the acrylic panel solution demands that the panels be stored somewhere during the summer should you wish to be able to open the windows regularly – under the sofa makes sense!
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