Fan-assisted replacement storage heaters - cost £200 to £500 each

Grid electricity: 15p/kWh; CO2: 0.6kg CO2e/kWh

These should really only be considered as a last result, once heat pumps have been ruled out and if you can’t afford a new heating system. Despite their promise, storage heaters are the most expensive way to heat your home.
If you have little choice, replace your old storage heaters with new, more controllable versions, together with improved controls. New storage heaters are probably cheaper to install than central heating, and have the added advantage that you don’t have to replace them all at once
Advantages of modern slim-line fan-assisted storage heaters (compared with earlier models):
- they are better insulated, and so can store heat for longer.
- they are more controllable, allowing you to heat up a room quickly should you wish, or keep it cool if it’s not in use.
- modern controls, sometimes known as Celect type controls, automatically set the input and output settings, based on your preferred room temperature, the actual room temperature and the temperature outside.
However, if you are merely worried about the cost, it may be worth getting a quotation detailing all of your options from a heating engineer before proceeding. You should certainly bear in mind the higher ongoing running costs alongside the installation costs.
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