When deciding in which financial institution to invest, or who to approach for a mortgage or loan, interest rates are likely to be top of your list of priorities. 
However, before making your final decision, we would strongly recommend digging a little deeper and considering factors such as the organisation’s level of commitment to social banking and the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.
There’s loads of useful information on the website ethicalconsumer.org, which is run by an independent, not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder cooperative based in Manchester. Ethical consumer have carried out extensive research into a whole range of products, including current and savings accounts, cash ISAs, child trust funds, ethical investments and pensions, insurance and mortgages. Products are given ethical and environmental ratings, and you can adjust your scorecard to reflect your priorities (environment, animals, people, politics and product sustainability).
Top of the tree for both savings and mortgage accounts is the Ecology Building Society, who offer sustainable mortgages and ethical savings opportunities. The focus of the Ecology Building Society is to improve the environment through supporting and promoting ecological building practices and sustainable communities. 
They are the only UK-based member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, a foundation consisting of 25 of the world’s leading sustainable banks. All of these banks are dedicated to using finance to deliver sustainable development worldwide for unserved people, communities and the environment.  
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