To better understand the reasons behind the optimum solution for making your home comfortable, it helps to understand some of the science regarding thermal comfort.
The human body continuously produces heat through its metabolic process (over 100watts!), which must be continuously lost whilst maintaining a core temperature of 37°C. When this is achieved without stress, thermal comfort has been realised. In order that this core temperature is maintained, our skin acts as a massive thermostat - sweating to increase heat loss, or producing goose bumps to raise hairs and trap a layer of air to keep us warm (at least that’s how it worked when we were hairier).
Thermal balance occurs when the heat gained by metabolic activity is the same as the heat we can lose to our surroundings – if we lose too much heat we get cold, too little and we overheat.
Our heat loss occurs through three mechanisms (convection, evaporation, and radiation) which are dependent upon the environmental conditions of surface temperature, air temperature, air movement, and relative humidity – all of which are dependent on climate.
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